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Earvin "Magic" Johnson

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Q: Whose ncikname is magic
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Whose better San Antonio Spurs or Orlando Magic?

Orlando magic

Is magic bad?

Magic is neither good or bad, it is simply a tool whose use defines it as such.

Whose nickname was Magic?

NBA star Earvin Johnson (active 1980-1992) was nicknamed "Magic."

Whose nickname is Magic?

Hall-of-Fame basketball player Earvin Johnson of the L.A. Lakers is nicknamed Magic.

How do you answer a magic square whose numbers are 1 16?

It depends on what question it asks you!

Whose the tallest point guard of all time?

Magic Johnson 6'9"

Where did Bilbo get his magic ring?

found it or stole it depending on whose story you believe.

Do magic guilds exist?

Not in any supernatural way.The organisation called the Magic Circle, whose members are stage magicians and illusionists could be called a guild of sorts.

What is pagan ideal mean?

A pagan is a person whose religion believes in magic or superstition.

Who are the magic females creatures whose song makes men forget about home?

These creatures are the Sirens.

Whose name is scrambled in the great wall on page 68 on the magic tree house games and activity book?

Dragon King

What is the demonata seirs of books about?

The demonata series is about demons magic and people. It's about a teenager called Grubs whose mother, father, sister die from demons. Grubs gets magic powers and fights the demons with the Disiples.

What magic and whose magic was involved in king Arthur's conception?

There are a number of variations concerning Arthur's conception; the most popular is the version whereby Uther is disguised by Merlin's magic to look like Gorlois, and so tricks Gorlois' wife Igraine into sleeping with him. Gorlois is usually killed by Uther and/or his men before/during Arthur's conception.

Why do they called their trick ''magic''?

It's magic until you discover the secret to how tricks were performed. In ancient times forces like gravity were considered magic so whose to say unseen & undiscovered forces are no longer out there. The greatest magicians of out time have all tried to cross the invisible line between illusion & magic. Houdini had tricks no one else could replicate, so many say that he was successful.

What nickname did Brian Piccolo have for Gale Sayers in the movie Brian's song?


Whose is the centerpiece castel for Disneyland in Tokyo?

Just like the park that it mostly copied, the Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland has Cinderella Castle as its park icon and weenie.

How tall is Donald Royal?

Donald Royal, whose career spanned 1989-1998 with the Timberwolves, Spurs, Magic, Warriors, and Hornets, was listed as 6' 8" and 210 pounds.

How can you locate the archives of magic chef gas ranges to obtain the model number of a gas range whose model numbers have worn off?

Maytag handles Magic Chef appliances now. They may know where this information can be found. But keep doing web searches. You might happen on to something that can help you.

What god was Maia?

Maia is the Roman spring goddess whose father is Atlas and the eldest of her 7 sisters and considered the most beautiful. Mother of Hermes the master of magic and Maia is referred to the 'Grandmother of Magic'. Her name means 'She who is great' and represents youth,life, rebirth, love and sexuality. :)

What are songs with magic in the title?

1.Magic 2. Do You believe in Magic by Aly And Aj 3. Everything's magic by angels and airwaves 4. Black magic woman by santana 5. A kind of magic by Queen Every little thing she does is magic by police Dope Boy Magic Strange magic by electric light orchestra magic by cars

What do you get with a red magic and a blue magic?

A Brown magic? No! purple magic!

Is there magic in fifth business by robertson davies?

yes there is magic in this novel woth illusions and magic tricks. yes there is magic in this novel woth illusions and magic tricks. yes there is magic in this novel woth illusions and magic tricks.

How is the magic number in a magic square found?

if the magic square is magic then it is found inside bananas.

Why are you magic?

because i was born magic everybody has a little magic in them i have alot well that's why we are magic

Why is there no nature magic in elder scrolls?

Magic in the Elder Scrlls games has always been based on Storm magic, Ice magic and Fire magic although there are mods you can get which import much more magic and many more different types of magic. --MercuryIsle