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The player to reach the most finals is the Brazilian Cafu 4 times.

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Q: Whose made it to the most soccer world cup finals?
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Has Spain ever made it to semi-finals in soccer world cup?

Yes, in 2010.

Has Australia ever made it to the finals in soccer world cup?

Yes Australia made it to the 2006 world cup in Germany.

Has Mexico ever made it to semi-finals in soccer world cup?

Mexico has never made it pass round of 16.

The furthest an African team has made in soccer?

quarter finals

Has the men's us soccer team won the world cup?

No, they have not won the world cup. Their best ever finish was in the inaugural 1930 tournament when they made it to the semi-finals.

How many time have cuba been in the world cup soccer?

I doubt very much if Cuba ever did qualify for a world cup.

What team has participated in the most world cups but not made it to finals?

world cups are finals...

What is France's best sport?

Soccer,because they got good players ex.Henry,Viera and Trezague and they made the 2006 world cup finals and just loss

What was the US best year in soccer?

Between 1930, when the USA made it third place in the FIFA World Cup and 2009 when USA made the finals of the FIFA Confederation Cup (losing to Brazil 3-2).

Has Mexico ever made it to the world cup finals?

Mexio has reached the quarter finals ion two occasions in 1970 and 1986. They were hosts in 1970 but lost to Italy 4-1 in the quarter finals. In 1986 Mexico hosted the World Cup again reaching the quarter finals for the second time but losing to Germany on penalties.

Which country has made it to the finals of the world cup more often?

it is Brazil

Did England get better at soccer?

Yes England went much better at soccor because engand made it to the quator finals in the eauropeon league