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Expos 1969 was the first game, 2004 was the last game.

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Q: Whose first and last games ever were both against the Mets?
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How many games did the Mets win in their first season?

The Mets won 40 games in their first season in 1962.

How many games have the tigers won this year?

2 against the Yankees and the Mets

How many games did the Mets win against Boston in the 1986 world series?


What is the NY Mets longest winning streak to begin a season?

5 games in 1985, two against the Cardinals and three against the Reds.

Which pitcher has the second most wins against the mets?

Steve Carlton has 30 wins against the wins (with 36 losses). His best season against the Mets was 1978 when he went 3-1. He also won 3 games in 1971 but lost 3 as well

How many games have they won this year?

2 i think I only know the one they won to was against the mets

Who did the Colorado Rockies first play?

April 9, 1993 against New York Mets

Who was the first pitcher to start for the NY Mets?

The starting pitcher in the Mets first game in franchise history, played April 11, 1962 against the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, was Roger Craig. Craig and the Mets lost, 11-4.

How many World Series did the mets win?

The New York Mets won two World Series titles. 1969,against the Orioles (4 games to 1) and in 1986, against the Red Sox (4 games to 3).

Against what team did Babe Ruth hit his first home run?

new york yankees

Who was the first all-star for the New York Mets?

Richie Ashburn - 1962. There were two All Star games in 1962 and Ashburn was selected to the second game. The Mets did not have a representative at the first game.

Who got the first base hit in Mets history?

In the regular season, that was Gus Bell who hit a single in the second inning of the Mets' first game against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 11, 1962.