Whos famous for skydiving

Updated: 9/28/2023
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As of June 2012, that record goes to Christian Labhartwho did an average of 327 Mph over a vertical measured kilomter. Christian takes part in the discipline of Speed Skydiving and to go fast, one must adopt a head down slick aerodynamic body position. It takes great skill to hold a still position like this, so that the speed can be built up.

To put things in perspective, the normal terminal velocity freefall in a belly to earth body position is around 120mph.

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There are many famous skydivers in the world, some active, some retired and some dead. One of the most famous is Colonel Joe Kittinger who holds the world record for the highest skydive which was from over 100,000ft and required the use of a helium gondoler and a space suit.

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Q: Whos famous for skydiving
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