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Easy answer Jay Cutler. The battle this weekend at mile high will be an explosive one. But Jay Cutler is one of the most explosive QB's in the NFL. Ranking in the top 5 in many different stat categories, and plus home field advantage never hurt anyone.

^ this man knows what he is talking about ^

cutler ^^ lol

Jay Cutler hands down! i swear by Jay QB ever!

Jay Cutler doesn't win games yet the broncos have a great defense. Drew Brees wins games yet the Saints have a mediocre defense... Hmm..... Duh! Drew Brees.

^The Broncos have one of the worst defenses.

Total idiot up top and everyone else that says that Cutler should start. Cutler is losing his "skill" every season. Brees is an accurate and powerful passer. That's what Cutler doesn't have: accuracy.

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Q: Who would you start Drew Brees or Jay Cutler if you have both?
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