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Batista would win mainly because he's younger and more powerful the HBK.

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Q: Who would win in a match between shaun michaels and batista?
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At WrestleMania who won in between undertaker and shaun michaels?

undertaker won over HBK great match, i think best wrestlemania match in wrestlemania history

How old is shaun Michaels?

Shaun Michaels was born July 22, 1965 making him 42 years old.

Best WWE match of 2007?

It was believed that one of the best matches of 2007 was John Cena Vs Shaun Michaels at Wrestlemania 23

What is shaun michaels email?

Is WWE superstar shaun Michaels gay?

No he is not

Where is shaun michaels after wreselmaina 26?

He is retired.

Is shaun michaels retiring from WWE?

Shawn Michael's is Retired. He retired March 28th, 2010 After losing to the Undertaker in a retirement match at Wrestlemania 26. Miss ya, HBK!

What is the thing Shaun Michaels wears that looks like a vest?

It is a vest.

When will shaun michaels return to the WWE?

He won't. He's retired for good.

What Is The Name of Shaun Michaels Entrance Song?

D Generation X ANSWER: Sexy Boy

At WWE royal rumble 2010 was shaun michaels supposed to be elimenated the way he did?

Yes he was

Will Shaun Michaels returns from his injury?

Most Probably yes..just a guess.But there is a 45% chance that he'll not return.

What happend to shaun Michaels eye?

he got thrown into the tv screen on chris jericho's last jerichololics show

Is undertaker dead after Shaun Michaels casket math when Kane came and burnt his brother?

no he is still alive but badly hurt

Is shaun Michaels out of WWE in 09?

at wrestlemania 25 he will get injured by the undertaker and will be back in agust 2009.i am from the future that's how I know

Did undertaker beat shaun michaels at wrestlemania25?

yes he did i thought Shawn would win but Deadman for life 17/0 ya

What has happened to shaun michaels?

ever since Shawn lost to the undertaker at wrestlemania 25 he hasn't been in action on raw or smackdown

What is shaun michaels real name?

Shawn micheals real name is Michael Shawn hickenbottom.he just switched it around for the wrestling must be embarresing for him.

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One Life to Live - 1968 Between Shaun and the Dark of Night - 1.10519 was released on: USA: 9 September 2009

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What are the release dates for One Life to Live - 1968 Between Shaun and the Dark of Night 1-10519?

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