Who would use a javelin?

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In history, seeing as a javelin was originally used as a weapon, hunters and warriors would potentially use some type of spear or javelin to fight or hunt.

In a modern, sporting context, javelin athletes would use a javelin for both practice and competition.

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Q: Who would use a javelin?
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What can you use for javelin except javelin?

A Javelin

What is a person who uses a javelin?

The person who uses a javelin or participates in the sport is called a javelin thrower. The javelin throwers throw the javelin by the use of their hands.

What is a javelin like weapon?

A javelin would be like a spear.

What equipment did the ancient Olympics use?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

How can you use the word javelin in a sentence?

I threw the javelin at a target in the Grecian competition.

What equipment do you use in Javelin Throwing?

Just the javelin and possibly some gloves, where allowed.

How many players do you need for javelin?

Since javelin is a competitive event you would need at least two players but the more you had the better the competition would be. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, there were 38 athletes in the men's javelin event and 54 athletes in the women's javelin event.

What would you do with a javelin?

you throw it

What do you use to measure a javelin?

measuring tape

What is the name of the event where you use a spear?


How do you use the word javelin in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.The warrior threw his javelin.The javelin toss is an Olympic event.

What sports do you use your long bones for?

Javelin throwing

What main components of fitness does javelin use?

i need to know?:

How do you use maths in javelin throw?

i don't know yeh:)

How do you play javelin?

You play javelin by throwing a javelin and if you get it the furthest you win

Who was the first person to throw a javelin?

Both in the historical and athletic context, the exact person who first threw a javelin is unknown. The first use of a javelin was as a weapon, so it was likely a soldier or hunter who first threw it. In terms of the event of javelin, history indicates that it was an athlete in ancient Greece who first participated in the event.

Is there an optimal angle to throw a javelin?

Throwing a javelin at the optimal angle. Throwing a javeline at the optimal angle is throwing a javelin at the angle which the air flows efficiently around the javeline.The center of pressure is the aerodynamic force of drag and lift on the javelin.before the 1986 change in javelins , some of the best throwers in the world would throw the javelin with as little as 30 degree angle but greater speed because they were able to hold onto the javelin for longer , producing more force . Good throwers still use this method but the most commen method is releasing the javelin at about a 40 degree angles,causing a longer flight for the javelin.

What would happen if you gave a snake Viagra?

Free javelin...?

What weight of a javelin would a 15 year old?


What sport use muscular strength?

Discuss or javelin probably use the most upper body.

How many calories do you use in a hour of javelin?

i done it and its about 90 cal

What energy system does javelin use?

It uses ATP and ATP-PC

What did the Romans call a spear?

In the ancient Roman legions, one of the main weapons of their soldiers was the javelin. This we could call a spear as per the question. There were several innovations made to the javelin that made it a very effective weapon. One example of this was a javelin that after it struck a target, the head of the javelin would bend making it impossible for the enemy to throw the javelin back to the Roman soldiers.

What is the average javelin throw for a 17 year old?

As a javelin throw myself I would have to say that an average is 500 feet for a 17 year old girl.

Who would be likely to use the ancient Greece spear?

In the time of ancient Greece, the javelin was the primary weapon used by the Greeks, and any man might find it necessary to use one, in that violent and chaotic age. In the current time, some people still practice the art of throwing the javelin, but only as a sport. We have much deadlier weapons now.