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Basketball. Definitely basketball. Track is just running and stuffZ. Basketball is cutting sprinting coordination and all sorts of jazz.

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Q: Who work harder track or basketball?
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Is basketball harder than golf or is golf harder than basketball?

golf is harder

Does Track interfere with Basketball?

Track should not interfere with basketball. "However some track drills may be used as basketball drills because both sports involve running, and in some cases jumping, track doesn't usually interfere with basketball, but it depends on what you mean by interfere, like you could mean, are you able to run track while you play basketball? in most schools yes you are eligible. but in some you are not. or you could mean, Can you run track on a basketball court? Mostly no. because track has turf and an inside basketball court is slippery, meaning it is varnished so much that certain shoes can make you slide on it, but if you have basketball shoes you don't have this problem. If you have track shoes on a basketball court it would make it harder to run but isn't impossible."

Is netball harder than basketball?

netball is harder

What is harder to play baseball or basketball?

It all depends on what you are good at. If you are good at hitting a ball with a bat then you'll find it harder to play basketball and if you are good at catching and throwing a basketball then you'll find baseball harder to play

What is the antonym of basketball?

Track, running

What is harder soccer or basketball?

soccer its harder because you have to be active like 40-45 min. each half but basketball to its quick to play its fast you have to keep going

Which is more dangerous basketball or baseball?

Baseball. Harder then it looks.

What is another way to use the word harder in work harder?

Try harder can be the other way to replace work harder, too.

Which one is better track and field or basketball?

Well, this question is obviously a matter of personal preference, but personally i prefer track because i am terrible at basketball. In terms of which will get you more fit? Track and field, but you can still get very fit from basketball. hope this helped! -f

Is it harder to transform an ice rink for basketball or basketball court for hockey?

A backetball court for hockey would be harder because you would have to melt the ice then some how get rid of the water.

How do you keep track of score in basketball?

with the score board

What did Jackie Robinson do when he was a kid?

he did track basketball and football

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