Who work harder track or basketball?

Updated: 1/30/2023
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Basketball. Definitely basketball. Track is just running and stuffZ. Basketball is cutting sprinting coordination and all sorts of jazz.

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Q: Who work harder track or basketball?
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Does Track interfere with Basketball?

Track should not interfere with basketball. "However some track drills may be used as basketball drills because both sports involve running, and in some cases jumping, track doesn't usually interfere with basketball, but it depends on what you mean by interfere, like you could mean, are you able to run track while you play basketball? in most schools yes you are eligible. but in some you are not. or you could mean, Can you run track on a basketball court? Mostly no. because track has turf and an inside basketball court is slippery, meaning it is varnished so much that certain shoes can make you slide on it, but if you have basketball shoes you don't have this problem. If you have track shoes on a basketball court it would make it harder to run but isn't impossible."

How do you join varsity basketball in 7th grade with no experience my whole class loves basketball but i only played intramurals from 1st to 3rd so how do i get the respect of the team. I have a year?

Train harder than anyone else. On top of that play as much ball as you possibly can! "The harder I work the luckier I get!" Gordon Gecko

Which one is better track and field or basketball?

Well, this question is obviously a matter of personal preference, but personally i prefer track because i am terrible at basketball. In terms of which will get you more fit? Track and field, but you can still get very fit from basketball. hope this helped! -f

Is 9 minutes too bad of a mile time to do Sprinting in HS track?

No it's not bad. Just work harder and do what you love doing the best.

Who is better a track athlete a basketball athlete or a football athlete?

Basketball all the way brahhh

How do you keep track of score in basketball?

with the score board

What should kirstie pick track or basketball?


Is it true that double rim basketball hoops are harder to score on?

No, NBA hoops are single rimmed . The indoor hoops for anywhere whether its at school or basketball court or anyplace you can play indoor basketball are normally single rimmed.

What did Maya Angelou parents do?

her dad was a Basketball player for the celtics and her mom was a Track and Field athlete

What is another way to use the word harder in work harder?

Try harder can be the other way to replace work harder, too.

Why is the fastest runner always in centre track?

The reason for this is that the person in center track can be seen by everyone in the lanes. it is thought that seeing a faster opponent running during the race will make you work harder and therefore perform better

What sport did Jackie Robinson play?

He played football, track, and basketball. But he is famous for playing baseball. He was the first African American to ever play major league baseball.