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with the score board

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Q: How do you keep track of score in basketball?
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What is a timekeeper in basketball?

People who keep track of the time and score.

Why do you need a score borde in basketball?

To keep score moron!

How do you keep track of the score for racquetball?

Each player is responsible for keeping track of their own score as well as their opponents.

What are duties of basketball scorekeeper?

To keep score for both teams

Duty of the volleyball's scorer?

The volleyball scorer is intended to do the following: 1. Display the score on the scoreboard (and change the score after every point). 2. Keep track of the score on the scoresheet. 3. Keep track of player substitutions on the scoresheet. 4. Keep track of the last server on the scoresheet. 5. Keep track of coaches' time-outs on the scoresheet.

Function of the book in the volleyball sport?

to keep an official score and keep track of who is supposed to be serving and keep track of whose is subbing in for who and stuff

What is a judge in basketball?

the table judge keeps track of the score and counts how many fouls each player has :)

How does an orchestra conductor keep track of all the parts?

A conductor keeps track of the parts by studying the score first.

How is maths used in basketball?

To keep stats and the score. To count your money if your in the NBA.. lol

What is role of maths in football?

the role of maths in football is to keep track of score and stuff

What is the role of the table judge in basketball?

The table judge keeps track of the score and counts how many personal fouls each player has. :)

Why is basketball exiting?

Basketball can have possibilities on how to score.

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