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Paul Bibeault - Montreal Canadiens 1942-43.Neil Sheehy - Hartford Whalers 1987-88.

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no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

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no. neither is 0.

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Martin Biron wore 00

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Q: Who wore the number 0 in the NHL?
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What was the number that only 4 NHL players wore?


What player in the NHL wore number 1 other than a goalie?

The website below gives you plenty of players who wore the #1 in the NHL. Click on the related link.

Who wore number 10 in NHL history?

Guy Lafleur from the Montreal Canadiens

Who wore the number 0 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jack Collins wore #0 in 1952.

What number did Derek Sanderson wear when he played for the Boston Bruins?

16 and 17. He wore 16 prior to his stint in the WHA. Upon his return to the NHL he wore number 17.

Who wore number 21 after borje salming?

Borje Salming wore number 21 for the Toronto Mapleleafs. However, he left the team in 1989 and his number 21 was taken by a future NHL star named Sean McKenna.

Who other than Gilbert arenas wore or wears number 0?

leon powe of the celtics wears # 0....jerryd bayless wore #0 at some point as well

Who wears the number 93 in the NHL?

As far as I know there is nobody currently wearing the number 68 but Jaromir Jagr, Milan Jurcina, and Zigmund Palffy wore it.

What College Basketball Players wore the number 0?

Brian Shorter for Pitt

Who wore the number 0 on the Montreal Canadiens?

There are no listings of any Habs players wearing the numbers 0 or 00.

What hockey player wore the number 99?

Jersey #99 was retired league wide when Wayne Gretzky retired, therefore no one else has had that number since he wore it. However, there were other players who wore that number before him, and probably other players on other teams that wore the #99 at the same time that he wore it for his team.

What NHL goalie wears Numbers 34?

Nikolai Khabibulin was the goalie that wore number 34 for the hawks, but later changed it in a different season to number 39.