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Q: Who wore number 94 for Miami hurricanes football team?
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What football team did Dwayne Johnson play for?

Dwayne Johnson played football for the Miami Hurricanes.

What was the player roster for the Miami Hurricanes football team in 1990?

the 1991 football roster of the hurricanes?

What has the author Jim Martz written?

Jim Martz has written: 'Tales from the Miami Hurricanes Sideline' 'Hurricanes handbook' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Football, History, Miami Hurricanes (Football team), University of Miami 'Hurricane strikes!' -- subject(s): History, Hurricanes (Baseball team)

Who is the team doctor for the Miami Hurricanes?

The team doctor for the University of Miami Hurricanes football team is Dr. Lee Kaplan. He is also the Medical Director and Head Physician for all University of Miami athletics.

What college football team has the most wins since 1980?

Miami Hurricanes

What acc college football team has had the most players arrested?

Miami Hurricanes

What college football team had the most wins in the 80's?

Miami Hurricanes

What is the Miami Hurricanes Football Team Thursday night record?

11-1 alltime

Which college football team has the most players drafted into the NFL in history?

Miami Hurricanes

What was the player roster for the 1987 Miami hurricanes football team?

What college football team devin Hester play for?

Hester played the University of Miami Hurricanes.

What was ODU's football team name when they went against the Miami Hurricanes in the early 1930s?

the braves

Which NCAA football team has won the most National Championships in modern football in the last thirty years?

miami hurricanes

Which college football team has sent the most players to the NFL Florida gators or Miami hurricanes?


What years did Jimmy Johnson coach at University of Miami?

He was head coach of the Hurricanes football team from 1984-1988.

What is the Miami Hurricanes all time football record versus USC?

As of the 2008 season, Miami and USC have met twice in football with each team winning once. 1966 - Miami 10, USC 7 1968 - USC 28, Miami 3

Is Miami hurricanes 2001 the best collage team ever?

The 2001 University of Miami(Florida) team had a very good season and can be classified as one of the best college football teams in recent history.

The Miami Hurricanes NCAA team stands at what current ranking?

As of this time, the Miami Hurricanes NCAA team stands at number 70 for their PPG (rank). And for their OPPG (rank), they are at number 27. For Passing yards, they are at number 25, rushing yards at 83rd, points for at 49th and points against at 84th.

What team did Sean Taylor play for in college?

Miami Hurricanes

Who is the best college football team?

The Miami Hurricanes, because they have the longest winning streak in ncaa history and the most 1st round draft pick.

In what year did the Miami hurricanes basketball team start?

i think in 1925

How many national championships do the Miami hurricanes baseball team have?


What is Johnson's favorite sport?

NFL. His favorite team is the Miami Hurricanes

Which American football team is known as the dolphins?

The team in Miami.

Who were the quarterbacks on the 1982 Miami hurricanes football team?

Jim Kelly (injured much of the season) Mark Richt (current head coach at the University of Georgia)