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Q: Who wore number 73 for Kansas City Chiefs?
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In 1998 what professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs wore number 20?

According to, there was no active player on the Kansas City Chiefs roster who wore number 20 in 1998.

Who wore number 83 for Kansas City Chiefs Stef?

Stephone Paige.

What player wore the number 88 for the kansas city chiefs?

Tony Gonzales

Who wore number 82 for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007?

Wide receiver Willie Davis wore the number 84 for the Chiefs in 1991, which was his rookie year.

What number was Mark Robinson?

During his career, Mark Robinson wore #30 for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What was Mike Vrabel's jersey number?

Mike Vrabel wore number 50 for the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. When he began his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he wore number 96 and also number 56.

What number did former running back kimble anders wear?

Kimble Anders wore #38 during his ten year career (1991-2000) with the Kansas City Chiefs.

What NFL players wore number 88?

Marvin Harrison - Indianapolis Colts Tony Gonzalez - Kansas City Chiefs Jeremy Shockey - New Orleans Saints Michael Irvin - Dallas Cowboys

What number did Jackie Robinson or the Kansas City Monarchs?

Type your answer here... he wore number 42

Who wore number 84 for the chiefs in 1989?

Kick and punt returner Naz Worthen ... Worthen wore #84 for the Chiefs in 1989 and 1990.

Who wore number 9 for Kansas City Chiefs?

The players that wore #1 for the Chiefs were KR Nolan Smith (1967-1969), RB Mike Adamle (1971-1972), P Bob Grupp (1979-1981), QB Matt Stevens (1987), QB Warren Moon (1999-2000), and PK Lawrence Tynes (2004-2006).

Who wore the number 32 in 1962 in the nfl and mlb?

Bo Jackson From the Kansas City Royals and Oakland raiders.