Who wore number 5 at Chelsea FC?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Michael Essien wore number 5 at Chelsea FC. He is a midfielder footballer.

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Q: Who wore number 5 at Chelsea FC?
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Will Liverpool FC overcome the 3-1 defecit against Chelsea FC?

Im sorry but no because Liverpool drawed 4-4 with Chelsea and on aggerate Chelsea won 7-5

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5 most paid players in Chelsea fc?

The five costliest players at Chelsea are Dider Drogba, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Michael Essien.

When was the last time Chelsea fc concieded 5 goals at home?

Chelsea-3 goals vs Arsenal-5 goals 29 October 2011 Please click on me and reccomend me thanks thomas harrold

What MLB player wore number 5?

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Which number does Micheal Essien wear in Chelsea?

Number 5.

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Who is number 5 in Chelsea squad?

Michael Essien

Who wears the number 5 shirt for Chelsea FC?

As of December 29th, 2012, Gareth Bale currently wears the number 11 shirt at Tottenham Hotspur.

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