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Q: Who won women's 200 meter race in the 2012 Olympics?
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Who won the womens 200m race in London Olympics 2012?


Was there a womens 5000 meter race at the Beijing Olympics?

Yes.Gold - Tirunesh Dibaba, EthiopiaSilver - Elyan Abeylegesse, TurkeyBronze - Meseret Defar, Ehtiopia

What is the history of the 100 meter race?

The 100 meter race started in the 1896 Olympics.

What kinds of foot races in Olympics?

There are many foot races for men and women in the Olympics. Some of these include the 100 meter race, the 200 meter, the 400 meter, the 1 mile race, and the 5,000 kilometer race.

Who won the 400m womens race at the Athens 2004 Olympics?

Tonique Williams

Who won men's 100 meter race in 2012 Olympics?

Usain Bolt Jamaica (JAM) with an Olympic record time of 9.63

Which athlete competed in the 400 meter race that is competing in the para-olympics?

The athlete who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics, who is also competing at the Paralympics, is Oscar Pistorius of South Africa.

Number of hurdles in a hurdles race?

In the Womens' 100 Meter Hurdle Race and the Men's 110 Meter Hurdle Race, there are 10 hurdles. In the 300 Meter Hurdle Run, there are 8 hurdles. In the 400 Meter Hurdle Run, there are 10 hurdles.

Who won gold medal in 100 meters race in Olympics 2012?

Usain Bolt won gold in 100 meters race in Olympics 2012.

How many track and field 1000m events are there in the Olympics?

None the 1000 meter race is not contested in the Olympics

What is the record for the 100 meter race?

The record for the 100 meter race is 9.69 seconds by Usain Bolt on August 16th 2008 in the Beijing Olympics.

Who won the NCAA womens 10000 meter race in 1982?

Stanford's Kim Schnurpfeil, in 33:36.51.

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