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There was no winner that year.Citation won it in 1948,and there was not another winner til Secretariat in 1973.The 70's saw three winners,Secretariat,73,Seattle Slew,77,and Affirmed,78.

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Q: Who won triple crown in 1967?
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Who was the 1967 triple crown winner?

There was no triple crown winner in 1967.

Carl Yastrzemski won the triple crown in what year?

1967. Yaz won the American League Triple Crown in 1967 with a .326 batting average, 44 home runs, and 121 RBIs.

Who won horse racing triple crown in 1967?

No one. Citation won the Triple Crown in 1948. The feat wasn't accomplished again until Secretariat won it in 1973.

Who was the last American League baseball player to have won the Triple Crown?

Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

Who won the AL triple crown in 2011?

Justin Verlander won the AL Triple Crown in 2011.

Has Derek Lee ever won the triple crown?

No. Derek Lee has never won the Triple Crown.

Was there a triple crown winner in 1948?

Citation won the Triple Crown in 1948

Did secretariat win a triple crown?

Yes, he won the 1973 triple crown

Was affirmed a triple crown winner?

Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978.

How many Mares have won a triple crown race?

3 Mares have won a triple crown race.

Who won the triple crown batting in 1902?

There was no MLB triple crown winner in 1902.

Who was the first woman to win the triple crown?

No woman has won the Triple Crown as a jockey.

What race horse won the triple crown in 19773?

Secreteriat, triple crown, 1973

Which horse won the triple crown twice?

No horse has ever won the Triple Crown twice because they can only race in the Triple Crown races as three year olds.

Who won the 2012 baseball triple crown?

In 2012, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won the MLB Triple Crown.

How many Baltimore Orioles have won the Triple Crown?

Frank Robinson is the only Oriole to have won the Triple Crown (1966).

Who won the national league triple crown in 2011?

Clayton Kershaw won the National League triple crown in 2011.

How many MLB players have won the Triple Crown?

Only 16 players have won the MLB Triple Crown

How many people have won the baseball triple crown?

There have been 14 players that have won the Triple Crown in hitting with two players dong it twice. The last to do it was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 when he hit 326, 44 HR, 121 RBI.

Who won the 1918 triple crown?

No horse won the American Triple Crown in 1918. However, Sir Barton won it a year later, in 1919.

What filly has ever won the US triple crown?

No filly has ever won the Triple crown. There is however a series of triple crown races for fillies called the Triple Tiara. These races are held in New York and to date 7 fillies have won it.

What year did seabiscuit win triple crown?

Seabiscuit never won the Triple Crown, his nephew War Admiral won it in 1937.

What was the name of the horse that won the triple crown in 1970?

No horse won the Triple Crown in 1970. The closest to that year was Secretariat in 1973.

How many Chicago White Sox have won the Triple Crown?

There has never been a White Sox Player that won the Triple Crown.

What racehorse won the first triple crown?

Sir Barton. He had never won any races in till the Triple Crown Races.