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I"m not certain, but I'm pretty sure that edge has won the world heavyweight championship nine times.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-26 17:27:18
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Q: Who won the world heavyweight championship nine times?
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How many times has the john cena won the World Champion?

Nine total. WWE title 7 times, World Heavyweight Championship 2.

How many times WWE edge been world champion?

Nine. 4 WWE championships and 5 World Heavyweight

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Real Madrid has won the UEFA Champions League championship nine times. This has made them the most sucessful soccer club in the championship's history.

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Has an Australian ever won the world heavyweight boxing title?

some new zealanders claim bob fitzsimmons as their own, even though he's considered british by most (his family relocated to new zealand when he was nine). transplanted Australian joe bugner won the very lightly regarded 'WBF' version of the heavyweight crown in 1998, by defeating james "bonecrusher" smith at the age of 49 years and a 110 days, it made him the oldest ever boxer to hold a "world championship" belt

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