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France won the world cup in 1998.

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Q: Who won the world cup soccer champianship in 1998?
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What is the only country to have won the world cup soccer champianship 4 times?

Two countries have managed to win the world cup four times. They are italy and brazil.

Who won the Soccer World Cup in 1998?

France won the 1998 world cup against Brazil

Where was the world cup in soccer held in 1998?


Where was the 1998 soccer World Cup held?

World Cup 98 was held in France.

Who was absent from the 1998 soccer World Cup in France?


Did south Africa ever win a soccer world cup in 1997?

No they did not as the world cup was held in 1998.

In what year did the french soccer team won the world cup?

France won the world cup in 1998.

Did South Africa win the soccer world cup in 1998?

no France did

Who won the 1998 world soccer cup?

France did against brazil

What is the french connection with soccer?

France won the world cup in 1998 and the EUro cup in 2000.

What day did France win the 1998 soccer world cup?

12/07/1998 Sunday

What was the last host country to win the soccer world cup?

It was France in 1998.

How many times have France won the World Cup of Soccer?

Once, in 1998.

Did France ever host the world cup in soccer?

yes, in 1938 and 1998

Who won Soccer World Cup in 1999?

There was no World Cup in that year. The closest one to that was 1998, France won that one.

Which two teams automatically qualified for the France 1998 soccer world cup?

The two teams were Brazil as 1994 world cup winners and France the 1998 host.

What is the name of the soccer World Cup?

Fifa soccer world cup

Who won the 1998 soccer world cup?

Nobody! Well somebody did but I don't know who.

Which famous sporting event took place in France in 1998?

the soccer world cup

Has South Africa participated in World Cup Soccer before?

Yes in 1998.- France.

Has Vietnam ever qualify for World Cup soccer or ever made the World Cup?

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

When was Euro Beach Soccer Cup created?

Euro Beach Soccer Cup was created in 1998.

Who were the winners of the world cup soccer games in 2000?

There was no World Cup in 2000 the World Cup is every 4 years in 1998 it was won by France and in 2002 it was won by Brazil.

What year did France win the world soccer cup and the rugby world cup?

They won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, but have never won the Rugby World Cup, though they did lose the final in 1987 and 1999.

When was the first World Cup of soccer?

The first soccer world cup was in 1930, in Uruguay.