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Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria with a jump of 2.05 meters (6 feet, 8 3/4 inches).

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Q: Who won the womens high jump in 1996?
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Who won the gold medal in womens high jump?

Alice Kathleen Mckiley

Who won the gold medal for womens high jump and height 2012?

Russia's Anna Chicherova Won Womens High Jump Gold Medal 2012 London, and she later admitted that to help her jump, she does the event with a full bladder, she said that she hold more than 6 times her bladder can handle, then performs the jump, she is known for holding her pee back for over 2 weeks!!

Who won the womens 100 meters dash in 1996?

Donovan Bailey of Canada won the 1996 Womens 100 Meter Dash with a time of 9.84 seconds.

How high did Charles Austin jump at the 1996 atlanta Olympics?

Charles Austin won gold in high jump at the 1996 Games in Atlanta with a jump of 2.39 meters (7 feet, 10 1/10 inches). It stands today as an Olympic record.

Who won the womens high jump in 1936 Olympics?

That was Ibolya Csak of Hungary at 1.62 meters (5 feet, 3 3/4 inches).

Who won the high jump Olympics in 2004?

Stefan Holm won the men's high jump, Yelena Slesarenko won the women's.

Who won the 1996 gold medal in womens soccer?

The United States Women's Soccer team won the Gold medal at the 1996 Olympics

Winner for the high jump in 1952?

Walter Davis won the high jump in 1952 with a jump of 2.04 meters.

Who won the high jump competition at the 1996 Olympic Games?

Men: Charles Austin, United StatesWomen: Stefka Kostadinova, Bulgaria

Who won the 1988 gold medal in the womens long jump competition?

Jackie Joyner-Kersee won the gold medal in the long jump at the 1988 Summer Olympics with a jump of 7.40 meters which is still the Olympic record.

Who won the high jump competition at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games?

Javier Sotomayor of Cuba won the men's high jump on fewer misses at 2.34 meters and Heike Henkel of Germany won the woman's high jump at 2.02 meters.

Who won the women's high jump?

Brooke tear

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