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Melbourne Storm Melbourne Storm

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Q: Who won the premiership in 1999 for the rugby league?
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Who won the premiership in 1996 for the rugby league?

manly warringah sea eagles

Which premier league club won in 1999?

Manchester United won the Premiership in 1999, together with the FA Cup and Champions League.

Which team has won the most Australian rugby league premiership titles?

Rabbitohs - 20 Premiers

In which season did man united win the double?

Manchester United have won the Premiership and FA Cup Double twice, in 1994 and 1996. Manchester United have also won the Treble of Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League in 1999. They also won the double of Premiership and Champions League in 2008.

How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership, The Premiership was formed in 1992. They have however won the league 18 times.

Which team won the rugby premiership in 2009-2010?


What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?


Who won the the league in 1998?

That depends on which league you are talking about. Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

Which players has won the champions league the fa cup the premiership and the league one?

i don't believe there is such a player but Steve finnan has won all but the premiership

Who won the 1999 NRL premiership?

Melbourne Storm beat the Dragons to win the premiership

What rugby team won the Guinness Premiership last year?

Leicester Tigers defeated London Irish to take the Guinness Premiership

Who won the premiership league in 2003?

Man United.

Which football players have won the premiership the champions league and been relegated from the premiership?

Christiano Ronaldo

Which player has won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup won league cup?

Ricardo Carvalho

How many premiership's have St George Rugby League team win?

they have won 15 as st George and 1 as the merged joint venture St George Illawarra

Who won the Rugby Cup in 2001?

Which cup do you refer to please and which code - Union or League. Union Rugby world cup was NOT played in 2001 it was 1999 and 2003

What England managers have won the Premier League?

No English manager has won the Premiership

Who won rugby in 1999?

Assuming you mean who won the rugby world cup in 1999 then it was Australia beating France 35 - 12

Who won the 1999 English premiership?

Manchester United

Have Liverpool ever won the premership?

They have won the top league title in England 18 times, but haven't won the Premiership title as the Premiership was formed in 1992.

Last time Liverpool won premier league?

They have never won the Barclay's Premiership. The last time they won the league was in 1990.

How many times Liverpool won the premiership league?

Never, they have won 18 titles but all before 1993 when the premiership was first awarded

Who won premiership in 1985?

It wasn't called the Premiership then (it was Football League Division One), but the champions were Everton.

What players have won the premiership champions league and league cup?

Paulo Ferrear of chelsea.

Who won the last premier league in 09?

Manchester United won the Premiership in 2009.