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Q: Who won the premier league first?
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Related questions

What team won the 1st premier league?

Chelsea won the first premier league.

Who won the premier league in 1990?

The Premier League did not start until 1992. In 1990 Liverpool won what was then the First Division, the old equivalent of the Premier League.

What club first won the premier league since it was named the premier league?


Who won the premier league in England 1993?

The first Premier League season of 1992/93 was won by Manchester United.

Who won the premier league for the first time?

Manchester United won the 1st Premier League in season 1992-93.

Who won the first premier league?

Man United, and leeds won the last title before the premier league. Only Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea and Man U have won the premier league.

What football team first won the premier league?

Manchester united won the first premier league in the 1992-1993 season.

Have west ham united ever won the premier league?

No, they have never won the Premier League. Their best was third, in the old First Division in 1986, the equivalent of what is now the Premier League.

When did Chelsea win the English premier league?

Chelsea won the English Premier League in 2005, 2006 and 2010. They won the old first division in 1955, the equivalent of the Premier League now.

What team won the first premier league?

Preston North End won the first 2 premier leagues (called First Division then). And if your talking first premier league as in the premiership then that was Man United in the early 90's.

How many times have Liverpool football club won the premier league?

They've never won the Premier League, but they have won the First Division title 18 times.

Who won the first English premier league title?


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