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Q: Who won the first English premier league title?
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Who won the English premier league title in 2004?

It was Chelsea.

Which team won the English premier league title most?

manchester utd

Who won the premier league in 2000?

Manchester United.Manchester United won the English Premier League in the 1999-2000 season. This was United's sixth premier league title, and 13th league title. The club had 91 points by the end of the season, and a goal differential of +52.

Which team won the premier English league in 2005-2006 season?

Chelsea won the Premier League that season, beating Manchester United to the title.

How much does a club get for winning the English premier league title?

A club may not get anything for winning the English premier league title, depending on the circumstances. In some cases, they may win $25,000, based on the amounts of funds the program receives.

Which team won the first Premier League title?

Man Utd, in 1993.

Who won the first premier league?

Man United, and leeds won the last title before the premier league. Only Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea and Man U have won the premier league.

Who won the Barclays premier league in 2010-11 season?

Manchester United, which was their 19th English title.

Which team has won more premieR league?

Manchester United and Liverpool have both won the First Division Title (Now Premier League) 18 times

How many times have Liverpool football club won the premier league?

They've never won the Premier League, but they have won the First Division title 18 times.

When did Liverpool win their recent premier league?

Liverpool has never won the Premier League since its inception. They last won the old First Division title in 1990.

What is the prize money in the English premier league?

Upon winning the English premiership title, the club is awarded in the region of 14-15million pounds.

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