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Q: Who won the national championship in ncaa mens basketball in 2008?
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How many national championships does ucla have in mens basketball?

11 national championship

Who won the mens college basketball national championship in 2006?


Who won the 2008 mens ncaa basketball championship?

Kansas beat Memphis

What was the score of the 2008 NCAA mens basketball tournament championship?

84 to 79

Who won the ncaa mens basketball national championship in 1960?

Ohio State defeated California 75-55

Who won the 2007 mens basketball championship?


Who won the 2002 NCAA mens basketball championship?


Which ncaa division 1 schools have won a national championship in mens basketball and a national football championship title?

Michigan Michigan State Ohio State let's not forget UCLA, Florida and Maryland.

Kentucky won their championship in 1978 for what sport?

NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball championship

What is march madnees?

This may refer to a mens championship basketball game.

Has Bowling Green ever won the ncaa mens basketball championship?


Who won the 1997-98 mens ncaa basketball championship?


Has Arizona state University ever won a mens basketball championship?


Who was the mvp in the 1986 mens championship basketball game?

Pervis Ellison

Who won the ncaa championship in mens basketball in 1946?

Oklahoma A&M

Who did not win the NCAA mens basketball championship in the 1990s?

Hundreds of schools did not.

Has the Miami Hurricanes ever won the NCAA mens basketball championship?


Did any NCAA mens basketball team won national championship that did not win their conference tournament?

The University of North Carolina did it in 1993 and 2005.

When was the last time ucla won a ncaa mens basketball championship?


What is the US premier professional mens basketball league?

The National Basketball Association.

Has a preseason number one team ever stayed number one and won the national championship in div. 1 mens college basketball?


Who won the 2005 mens NCAA basketball championship?

North Carolina beat Illinois 75-70 to win their 4th Men's Basketball Championship

What would be the value of a basketball signed by the Arkansas basketball team that won the NCAA mens basketball championship in 1994?

Nothing really.

How many championships does Clemson mens basketball have?

Clemson University has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

Who won the most national championships in basketball?

UCLA has won the most NCAA mens basketball championships; the last undefeated national mens champions were Indiana, 1976