Who won the most soccer championships?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Brazil has won the most World Cups with 5.

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Q: Who won the most soccer championships?
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What Italian soccer team won the most championships in the Italian soccer league?


Which team has won the most NCAA women's soccer championships?

North Carolina

How many championships has Arsenal the soccer team won?

45 Championships

Which NBA team holds the most world champinships?

Ferrari as a team have 31 championships. The Yankees have won 27 championships. The Montreal Canadians with 24. Scottish Soccer Team Glasgow Rangers has won 52 Championships. Boca Juniors of the Argentine professional soccer league have 41.

What soccer club has won the most number of championships?

Manchester united and Liverpool have both won the top English divsion 18 times.

Spain won soccer cups?

Spain won the European Championships in 1964 and 2008.

How many championships has Frances soccer team won?

12 championships in all and 5 major tournaments.

How many national championships has UVA won in all?

UVA has won a total of 16 national championships in team sports. 6 of them were in soccer.

Who has won the most national championships?

In what? Basketball? Baseball? Soccer? Bowling? Dog shows? You need to be more specific in your question.

Who won European championships in 2000?

France won Euro 2000, the European Championship for soccer in 2000.

How many NCAA soccer championships has the University of North Carolina won?


How do soccer teams earn stars?

Each star on soccer teams badges means the number of tens of championships won in their country: i.e. Benfica (Portugal) has three stars because won 31 national championships in Portugal.