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Liverpool, with 80 wins.

Villa have won 52 and there have been 38 draws.

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Q: Who won the most games out Aston Villa and Liverpool since they first game they played against each other?
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Did Darren Bent join Liverpool from Aston Villa in January 2012?

Darren Bent still plays for Aston Villa.

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Torres made his competitive debut for Liverpool against Aston Villa in a 2-1 win on 11 August 2007

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Who did Aston villa play Boxing Day 26 December 1947?

They played at home against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Aston Villa lost 2 - 1.

Who did Aston villa play in December 1947?

Aston Villa played five league games in December 1947; 6-Dec : Liverpool 3-3 Villa 13-Dec : Villa 1-1 Middlesbrough 20-Dec : Villa 2-2 Grimsby 26-Dec : Villa 1-2 Wolves 27-Dec : Wolves 4-1 Villa

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