Who won the last hockey world cup?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Men's champions:

2008: Canada, Skip: Kevin Martin

2007: Canada, Skip: Glenn Howard

2006: Scotland, Skip: David Murdoch

2005: Canada, Skip: Randy Ferbey

2004: Sweden, Skip: Peja Lindholm

Women's champions:

2008: Canada, Skip: Jennifer Jones

2007: Canada, Skip: Kelly Scott

2006: Sweden, Skip: Anette Norberg

2005: Sweden, Skip: Anette Norberg

2004: Canada, Skip: Colleen Jones

Also for the first time in 2008, a new component was added to the World Curling Championship: A Mixed event, with Switzerland (Küng/Müller) winning.


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Q: Who won the last hockey world cup?
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Which country won the 2010 Hockey World Cup?

Australia won the 2010 world hockey cup.

Who won the hockey world cup tournament in 2010?

Australia won the 2010 FIH Hockey World Cup and Argentina won the FIH Women's World Cup.

Who won the 2008 World Cup of Hockey?

No World Cup of Hockey was held in 2008.

When was the last us gold medal in hockey?

The U.S. won the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, defeating Canada in the finals.

Who won the First hockey world cup in 1974?

There wasn't one in 1974. The first Hockey World Cup was in 1971 and was won by Pakistan.

How many World Cup of Field Hockey has India won?

India has won the Field Hockey World Cup only once in 1975.

Who won hockey Russian or germen in hockey 2010?

For the World Cup of Hockey 2010, Russia won.

Winner of hockey World Cup 2010?

Australia won the 2010 hockey world cup , they beat Germany.

Which hockey team in 2006 won the last world cup?

Germany, by beating Australia 4-3 in the final.

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When Pakistan won the hockey world cup?