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Cristiano Ronaldo had that distinction.

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Q: Who won the golden boot in the Barclays Premier League 2007-2008?
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Who won the golden boot in the Barclays Premier League 2005-2006?

thierry Henry

Who won the golden boot in the Barclays Premier League 2008 2009?


Who won the golden boot in 2012?

the Barclays Premier League top scorer for 2011-2012 was Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie

Golden gloves winners ENGLISH Premier League?

Joe hart

Who was the first player to score in a golden goal to get into the premier league?

To my knowledge, there is no golden goal overtime supported by the current Laws of the Game. Unless FIFA has changed the laws or the Premier League plays with modified FIFA rules, it has never happened.

How much is the English premier league golden boot award worth?

£20,000 or nothing ( not forgetting a gold boot and wine !!)

What kind of games can you play on My Golden League?

My Golden League is an internet football game. You can become with football coach of a professional football team and win fantastic prices, manage your team, become a talented football trainer and win the French Ligue 1, the English Premier League or one of the different private leagues. allows you to create your team with a budget of 200 million € and win points based on the performance of your players during the Ligue 1 or the English Premier League.

Did arsenal get to keep the golden premier league trophy?

Yes, since it was commissioned for Arsenal AFTER the end of the season. It's a property of Arsenal and can be found in the trophy cabinet at the Emirates Stadium.

When did Golden Baseball League end?

Golden Baseball League ended in 2010.

When was Golden Baseball League created?

Golden Baseball League was created in 2004.

When was I-League Golden Boot created?

I-League Golden Boot was created in 2007.

Which keeper between Pepe Reina and Edwin van der Sar in the English premier league has won the most golden gloves awards?

East or west vds is the best .even though vds won golden glove once he is the best.