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The Sweden men's national Ice Hockey team.

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Q: Who won the gold medal during the 2006 Olympics in men's ice hockey?
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Who was the 2006 Olympics medalist for ice hockey?

2006 Olympics medalist for ice hockey are: Gold medal: Sweden Silver medal: Finland Bronze medal: Czech Republic

Which country won the ice hockey Olympics in 2006?

Sweden won the gold medal in the Olympics.

Who were the gold medal winners of the 2006 Winter Olympics in ice hockey?

Sweden won in the mens competition and Canada won the womens competition.

Who won 2006 hockey gold medal?

Men: Germany Women: Netherlands

In the 2006 Olympics what place did the mens hockey team place?

The Canadian men's hockey team placed 7th in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Which football team won the 2006 Olympics?

There was no Olympics in 2006. But in 2008 Argentina won the Gold medal.

Who won mens hockey at the 2006 Olympics?


Which events did Canada win at the 2006 Olympics?

Hockey and Curling.

Who won 2006 olympic mens hockey gold medal?


Did carla macleod the athlete win any medals in the winter Olympics 2010?

At this time the women's ice hockey competition has not completed. Canadian ice hockey player Carla MacLeod was a member of the 2006 Canadian Olympic team that won the gold medal. She is also a member of the 2010 Canadian women's hockey team that will play in the Olympics.

Which country won the gold medal in olymipic ice hockey 2006?