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Pitt by the score of 12-0 ... the game was played in Pittsburgh.

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Q: Who won the football game pitt vs penn state in 2000?
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What was Penn State's Highest Scoring Football Game?

The highest scoring football game for Penn State was their 56 to 3 win against Minnesota in 1994. Penn State is currently 2-0.

Who did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game?


When was the last time Penn State opened its season away?

The 2013 football season will be the next time the Penn State Lions with open the season with an away game. Penn State will battle Syracuse, in the opening game.

What bowl did Penn state go to in 06?

The 2006 football season saw Penn State versus Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Penn State won the game 20-10.

Has Boise State ever face Penn State in a college football game?

Not through the 2010 season.

What team did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game against?


Where did Penn State play it's first football game?

On 11-12-1881, Penn State beat Bucknell 9-0 in Lewisburg, PA.

Who coaches the Penn State football team?

Joe Paterno is the head coach of the Penn State football team.

When was Penn State Nittany Lions football created?

Penn State Nittany Lions football was created in 1887.

Who did Penn State's football team play against for their first game in 2001?

Miami, Florida

How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

What is the name of the Penn state football team?

They are called the Penn State Nittany Lions.