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The Undertaker

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Q: Who won the first royal rumble as 30th entrant?
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Will edge win the royal rumble?

yes edge will win the royal rumble cause he will be the 30th entrant

30 last person in the royal rumble 2010?

The 30th entrant in the 2010 Royal Rumble was Batista. The winner of the match was the 29th entrant, Edge making his return from injury.

Who became first to win as the royal rumbles's 30th entrant?


Who was the first to win the royal rumble as a 30th entry?


How long will Jeff Hardy be gone?

Probably, he will suprise everyone by coming in as the 30th superstar at Royal Rumble.

Who is number 27 in royal rumble 2011?

It is really tough to answer to your question. In fact numbers of every Royal Rumble member is decided as per lottery basis. However some of the gimmicks take place in order highlight the Royal Rumble. Whether it is 27 or 30th Royal Rumble entry we can't expect. However most probably the entry of 27 is definitely a most popular WWE Superstar.

When is Triple H coming to raw?

triple h will return on royal rumble 2011 in 28,29 or 30th entry 100 percent sure

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No, Booker T has officially stopped wrestling after coming back on January 30th 2011 for the Royal Rumble pay per view. He then lasted at least 5 minutes in the Royal Rumble before getting eliminated by Mason Ryan, a member of Nexus. Then on the next Friday on Smackdown, he entered the ring and immediately left the ring and joined the announce team. Basically, Booker T has given up wrestling and is now a commentator on Friday Night Smackdown. He is hilarious and permanently mocks Michael Cole. And I Qoute...

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