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Augustina Nwaokolo

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Q: Who won the first gold medal in commonwealth games delhi 2010?
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When India won its first medal in men's hockey in commonwealth games?

India won its first Commonwealth Games medal (a silver) in Hockey at the 2010 Delhi Games, going down to Australia in a thrashing, 8-0.

How many medal India won in commonwealth games 2010?

India won 101 medals at their home games at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. It is their national record at the Commonwealth Games.

Who won the first medal for India in delhi commonwealth games 2010?

Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang were the first Indian athletes to win India's first Gold Medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when both men won the Men's 10m Air Rifle (pairs) at the CRPF Campus.

What colour medal did Cathy freeman win at her first Commonwealth games?

the first medal she won was a gold medal.

Who was the first Indian to get a gold medal in the commonwealth games?

Lila Ram was the first Indian athlete to win a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal. He won the Heavyweight Division in the Wrestling at the 1958 Games.

How many medal events where there in the commonwealth games?

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games there were 261 medal events.

When was the first time India took part in the Commonwealth Games?

India participated in the second Commonwealth Games held in 1934. Rashid Anwar won the Bronze medal in Welterweight Wrestling, India's first ever Commonwealth Games medal

Who was the first aboriginal to win a gold medal at the commonwealth games?

Cathy Freeman became the first Aboriginal athlete to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal when she won the 4x400m relay at the 1990 Games.

What was Jessica Ennis's first medal?

She won a Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia

Who won Ghana's first medal at the commonwealth games?

Robert kotei

When was netball first included in the commonwealth games?

Netball was first introduced as a Commonwealth Games sport at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Australia took home the first gold medal edging out rivals, New Zealand.

Who was the first woman to win a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal?

Tejaswini Sawant

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