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Nino Farina won the 1950 F1 drivers Championship with 30 points.

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Q: Who won the first F1 Champion in 1950?
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Who won the first Monaco F1 Grand Prix?

The first F1 Monaco GP was in 1950. It was won by Jual Manuel Fangio.

Who was the 1950 F1 Drivers' Champion?

Nino Farina

Who won the UK first grand prix and what year was it?

The first British F1 GP was in 1950. It was won by Giuseppe Farina.

Who was the first driver to win a Formula 1 race?

The first ever F1 season was in 1950 and Giuseppe Farina won the first round that year, meaning that he won the first ever F1 race.

Who was 2010 F1 champion?

The champion was Sebastien Vettel. It was his first F1 championship win and it was a big suprise that he won because before the last race he was 3rd in the points standings. Hope this helps!

Who Won The First Formula 1 Grand Prix?

The first F1 GP was in 1950 and it was the British GP. It was won by Giuseppe Farina.

Who won the first F1 race?

Nino Farina won the first ever World Championship race at Silverstone on 13th May 1950.

Where was the first f1 race in 1950?

The inaugural F1 Grand Prix was held at Silverstone on the May 13th, 1950.Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina won the race and the Swiss and Italian GPs as well en route to the first-ever F1 World Championship.

Who was the first English f1 champion?

sir Jackie Stuart was the first british f1 champion he went on to own his own team Stuart racing.

Who is the formula 1 world champion in 2009?

Jenson Button won the 2009 F1 World Championship.

Who won f1 in America 1993?

There was no F1 race held in America in the year 1993. The season F1 racing champion was Alain Prost of Williams Renault.

Who is the current F1 champion?

shomaker is the current F1 champion in the world.

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