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Q: Who won the end of an era match at wrestlemaina 28?
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Wrestlemaina 26 who won Shawn Micheal or undertaker?


Who won in wrestlemania 27 undertaker or Triple H?

Undertaker won! BUT hhh almost did it was a close call if u want to watch the match go to youtube and search wwe hhh vs undertaker wrestlemaina full match and u can watch it it is almost an hour long though

How many times hbk won wrestlemaina?

He has wrestled at 16 of 25 wrestlemanias and only won six.

Who will today match?

csk won the match

When did john cena fist win a match?

john cena won his first match with kurt angle because kurt angle was a baby and ran away at the end and cena won by 10 counts!funny hey! but i don't know when he won sorry!

Who won in the 2010 buried alive match?

kane won the buried alive match

Who won yesterday match between india and england?

IT is a stunning match. English won it.

Who won the match between cena and sheamas 28.12.09?


Who won on the 20th February 2010 on world wrestling entertainment?

john cena won at elimnation chamber on Sunday after triple hhh pinned and elimianted shamus john cena locked in the stf to triple hhh and won the match via submission after the cage highered mhcman came out and said congrats to cena on going to wrestlemaina but he said u can only go if u beat ur next oppen..... batistas music sounds and he rushes to the ring cena gets one punch in after that batista speared him and batista bomed him for the win but if your wondering on the next night on raw cena was to face off against batista to see if he or shamus would face batista so like a minute into the match batista hit john cena in the nuts and got DQ for it so afterwards he hit cena with a chair and sealed there match at wrestlemaina for the wwe championship

Who won the Royal Ruble in 2006?

The Royal Rumble in 2006 was won by Rey Mysterio. He was the second wrestler to enter the ring and he eventually won after eliminating Randy Orton at the end of the match.

Who won at WrestleMania 27 between hhh and undertanker?

Both went through a tough match up but in the end undertanker won. 19/0. =-O

Who won the Punjabi prison match big show v undertaker?

taker won the match

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