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taker won the match

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2008-12-31 19:53:03
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Q: Who won the Punjabi prison match big show v undertaker?
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Who wrestled in the first Punjabi prison match?

Undertaker took on the Big Show.

Who won the Punjabi prison match big show undertaker?

It was undertaker but he nearly let big show win because he broke the gate and the big show got out seconds after undertaker.

How many Punjabi prison matches have there been?

2 the first was the big show vs. undertaker the second was the great kahlie vs. batista

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


Did undertaker ever lost a wrestling match?

The Undertaker did lose a match and it was at No Way Out in 2003. It was Undertaker against the Big Show.

When is undertaker coming back from that match vs the big show?

Yes the Undertaker is coming back verses the Big show very soon.

When can you vote online for cyber Sunday?

actually you can vote now, but it is only for 1 match and that match is big show vs. the undertaker

Will the undertaker come back in 2009 after the match against the big show?

Yes About Survivor Series

Who will the Undertaker be facing at Survivor Series 2009?

The Undertaker will be facing The Big Show and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Who is gona win the triple treath match for the world title at survivor siries undertaker vs big show vs chris Jericho?

Undertaker all the way

Which wrestlers have been in a buried alive match?

undertaker and yokozuna sorry but yokozuna hasn't been in a Buried Alive Match but has had two casket matches with The Undertaker The first Buried Alive Match was at IYH: Buried Alive on October 20, 1996, between Undertaker & Mankind, Which Mankind eventually won with the help of Some other Superstars The second Buried Alive Match was at Rock Bottom on December 13, 1998 was between the Undertaker and Stone Cold , Stone had help from Kane to win The third Buried Alive Match was on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown! It was for the WWF Tag Team Titles as the Rock'N'Sock connection defended the titles against Undertaker & Big Show which undertaker & Big Show won The fourth Buried Alive Match was at Survivor Series 2003....11/16/03....between Undertaker & Vince McMahon.Vince ended up winning with Kanes help.

Who won undertaker or big show?

the undertaker

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