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Q: Who won the ancient Greece Olympics javalin throw?
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What did Bruce Jenner win in the Olympics?

javalin throw

How many people competed in the javelin throw in ancient Greece's Olympics?

45 people:)

What is the probability that the winning javalin throw will be more than 70 meteres?

At the Olympics, the probability is 1 At a kindergarten, the probability is 0!

What are the two things thrown in the Olympics?

Discus, javelin, shot (shot put), hammer (hammer throw)

Did the ancient Greek Olympic games contain all of these foot racing wrestling chariot racing running discus long jump and javalin throw yes or no?

yes, they did

Why did the citizens of ancient Greece throw rubbish into the street?

because they had monew

Which year is discus throw is invented?

The sport of the discus throw dates back to the ancient Greeks and the first Olympics circa 776BC.

Which track and field event is banned in high schools in every state except Rhode Island?

Hammer throw

Who invented the javelin throw?

The javelin throw is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. It was part of the Olympic Games and was not attributed to a specific individual inventor, but rather to the history and culture of the ancient Greeks.

What happened to the original Discus Thrower?

The discus throw was made in 776 B.C. in ancient Greece, no one knows specificaly where

What sports are important to the Greek culture?

The sprint i cant remember the exact length, the discus toss, and the javalin throw i believe idk about the last one

Where did javelin originate?

The javeline throw originated in Africa. This was taken from the African tribesman throwing spears.