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The Copa América was not played in 2002. It is not played every year. 2002 was a World Cup year.

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Q: Who won the South American soccer cup in 2002?
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Which country hosted the 2002 soccer world cup?

The 2002 world cup was jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea.

Which two countries hosted the 2002 men world cup in soccer?

The 2002 world cup was hosted by South Korea and Japan.

Will a South American soccer football team win the FIFA World Cup 2010?


What South American countries have never played in the Soccer World cup ever?

Venezuela only

How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 2002 fifa world cup Korea men's soccer team be worth?

About 1000 pounds as south Korea reached the quarter finals in the 2002 world cup for the first time.

Which sport is associated with the American Cup?

The American Cup is associated with U.S. soccer.

Who won the World Cup in soccer 2002?

There was no world cup in that year.

Who won fifa soccer world cup in 2002?

Brazil won the world cup in the year 2002.

Who won the 2002 Soccer World Cup?


Who hosted the 2006 world cup in soccer?

Germany, in 2002 it was co-hosted by south Korea and japan and in 1998 it was in France

Who hosted the soccer world cup 2002?

It was hosted by two countries for the first time ever , Japan and South Korea.

What country is the only one to have participated in every world cup soccer tournament?

It is the South American giants Brazil.

When did Japan host the football World Cup?

American Football japan hosted in 2007 IFAF World cup. In soccer japan hosted the FIFA world cup with Korea in 2002

Where is the 2010 soccer cup championship?

South Africa

Where is the next soccer world cup?

south Africa

Who won the 2002 men's soccer world cup?

It was Brazil.

Which country was the first to win soccer world cup?

The first country to win the first world cup , back in the year 1930 was the south American country of Uruguay.

Have South Africa won the soccer world cup?

No they have not won the world cup as yet.

Where will the world cup soccer be held in 2010?

south Africa

Who was the first world cup winners in soccer?

South Africa

Where will the 2010 world cup soccer will be held?

South Africa

Who hosted the world cup of soccer in 2010?

South Africa

What was the most watched sport in the us in 2002?

it was soccer for the world cup

Where was the soccer world cup in2002?

The soccer 2002 was held jointly for the first time, by two countries, they were South Korea and Japan. Asian countries for the first time as well. The final was in Japan.

Have South Africa hosted the world cup before?

South Africa has never hosted the World Cup in soccer before.