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The San Francisco Giants won the 1962 National League Pennant. The Giants then lost to the New York Yankees in the World Series, 4 games to 3.

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Q: Who won the National League baseball pennant in 1962?
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How much is a 1962 san francisco giants first national league champions pennant worth?


What other years have the SF Giants won the pennant?

The San Francisco Giants won National League pennants in 1962, 1989, 2002 and 2010.

How many times did the San Francisco Giants win the National League pennant?

Since their move from New York in 1958, the San Francisco Giants won National League pennants in 1962, 1989, 2002, 2010 and 2012.

When was the baseball season less than 162 games?

Prior to expansion in 1961 for the Amrican League and 1962 in the National League, neither league had 162 game schedules.

How many games did Major league baseball play in the 1960 season?

1960 was the final season that Major League Baseball used the 154 game schedule. In 1961 the American League went to a 162 game schedule and the National League followed in 1962.

What is the value of a 1962 Baseball All Star Game autographed baseball by entire National League team?

At least 150$ or so.

Was Houston ever a minor league baseball team?

Yes, the Houston Buffaloes played between 1903-1961. When the National League expanded into Houston for the 1962 season, the team disbanded.

What year did the houton astros join the Major League Baseball?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) team known as the Houston Astros originated in the MLB National League (NL) in 1962 as the Houston Colt 45's, changing their name to the Houston Astros in 1965.

When did MLB start playing 162 games?

Major League Baseball switched the American League from 154 games to 162 games starting in the 1961 season. The National League started playing 162 games in 1962.

Why are there 162 games in Major League Baseball season?

In 1961, the American League increased its season from 154 games to 162. In 1962, the National League followed suit. This was done in order to generate additional revenue for the owners.

When didMajor League Baseball games go from 155 to 162 games?

Actually it went from 154 games which was established in 1904 and modified in 1919, and then switched to 162 games in 1961 for the American League and then in 1962 for the National League....

When did the New York Mets join the national league?


Who and in what year was the first black player elected into the National Hall of Fame?

In 1962, Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player to be elected into the National Hall of Fame. He was also the very first African American player to play in the National Baseball league.

What baseball teams were expanded in 1961?

The Los Angeles Angels and the Washington Senators were added to the American League in 1961. The National League added the New York Mets and the Houston Colt 45s in 1962.

When did the San Francisco Giants win the Pennant?

Since they moved to San Francisco in 1958, the Giants won National League pennants and advanced to the World Series in 1962, 1989, 2002, 2010, 2012 and 2014. They lost their first three championships, but won the next three.

When did the negro league baseball exist?

The first organized league of teams consisting solely of African-Americans -- it was called the Negro National League -- was in 1920. This first league lasted until 1931. A second league, also called the Negro National League, was organized in 1933. Another league, the Negro American League, was launched in 1937. The former folded after the 1949 season, the latter held on until 1962.

When did baseball switch from 154 game schedule to a 162 game schedule?

The American League switched in 1961 when they expanded from 8 to 10 teams and the National League switched in 1962 when they expanded from 8 to 10 teams.

When was National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association created?

National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association was created in 1962.

What major league baseball team wears the color of two other baseball teams?

The New York Mets wear Dodger Blue and Giant Orange in honor of the two National League teams that's were in and left New York before they were formed in 1962

How many Major League Baseball teams in 1961?

There were 18 teams in 1961. The American League expanded to 10 teams for the 1961 season, while the National League remained at 8 teams, until expanding to 10 teams in 1962.

Who was the first black coach of Major League Baseball?

05-29-1962, Buck O'Neil was the first major league baseball coach

What year was the expansion when the mets were added to Major League Baseball?


When were the New York Mets created?

They were added when the National League expanded in the year 1962.

Other than Wrigley Field what is the oldest ballpark in the National League?

Dodger stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the second oldest stadium in the National League, open in 1962.

What was the New York Mets win loss record in 1962?

1962 was the first year for the New York Mets, the National League expansion team that Major League Baseball created to replace the Giants and Dodgers that had moved to California. In 1962, the Mets, led by manager Casey Stengel, had a record of 40-120, an all time record for futility. By the way, the Houston Colt '45s, later re-named the Astros, also joined the National League that year as the other expansion team. Their record was 64-96 and finished 8th in the 10 team league, ahead of the Chicago Cubs and the Mets.