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brooklyn dodgers

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2012-03-31 01:52:58
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Q: Which team won the baseball pennant in 1947?
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Which team was the American League pennant winner in 1947?

The New York Yankees won the 1947 American League pennant with a 97-57 record.

What major league baseball team won the American League pennant in 1987?

The Minnesota Twins won the 1987 American League Pennant.

Who was the natonal league home run champions in 1947?

In 1947, the Brooklyn Dodgers won the NL pennant.

How do you win the pennant race in baseball?

You win the pennant by winning the league that you are in. Last year the Philadelphia Phillies won the National League pennant and the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League pennant.

Which team won 103 baseball games and did not make the playoffs?

1954 New York Yankees.The Cleveland Indians won the pennant that year with 111 victories.

What team won the Veikkausliiga in 1947?

The HIFK team won the Veikkausliiga in the year 1947.

What did dickie kerr do after baseball?

In 1946 Kerr was the manager of the Davenport Cubs of the Three-I League and won the pennant in 1946. He also managed Davenport for awhile in 1947.

Where did the New York Giants baseball team win the 1951 pennant?

The New York Giants won the National pennant in the Polo Grounds in NY. They beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in this historic gaame.

Which baseball team won the pennant in 2002?

The San Francisco Giants won the National League pennant in 2002, and the Anaheim Angels won the American League pennant. Just in case you're wondering, the Angels defeated the Giants in a miracle/heartbreaker (however one looks at it) in the 2002 World Series, taking seven games.

What team won the Romanian Liga you in 1947?

The team that won the Romanian Liga I in 1947 was IT Arad.

What team won the Serie A in 1947?

The team that won the Italian Serie A in 1947 was Torino FC.

What team won the Danish Superligaen in 1947?

The KB team won the Danish Superligaen in the year 1947.

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