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Islam Slimani (Algeria) was designated the Man of the Match.

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Q: Who won the Man of the Match award in the South Korea vs. Algeria group stage match in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?
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Where can I watch Algeria play South Korea in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?

The Algeria vs. South Korea match will broadcast at 3 pm ET on Sunday, June 22 on ABC (USA).

Which teams went the final during the 2010 FIFA world cup which won?

Agentina, France, Brazil, Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Germany, Algeria, South Korea, Uruguay, USA,

What were the results of the match between South Korea and Algeria in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Algeria defeated Korea Republic (official FIFA designation for South Korea). The statistics of the match are as follows:Korea Republic 2-4 Algeria22 June 2014 (16:00) Managers:Hong Myung-bo (Korea Republic)Vahid Halilhodžić (Algeria)Man of the Match: Islam Slimani (Algeria) Location: Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto AlegreAttendance: 42,732Head Referee: Wilmar Roldán (Colombia)Korea Republic's Goalscorers:Son Heung-min - 50'Koo Ja-cheol - 72'Algeria's Goalscorers:Islam Slimani - 26'Rafik Halliche - 28'Abdelmoumene Djabou - 38'Yacine Brahimi - 62'Yellow Cards: 3 Lee Yong - 54' (Korea Republic)Madjid Bougherra - 67' (Algeria)Han Kook-young - 69' (Korea Republic)Red Cards:None

Where can I watch Russia play South Korea in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?

The Russia vs. South Korea match will broadcast at 6 pm ET on Tuesday, June 17 on ESPN (USA).

Where can I watch South Korea play Belgium in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?

The South Korea vs. Belgium match will broadcast at 4 pm ET on Thursday, June 26 on ESPN (USA).

Who are the semi-finalists in the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

The first semi-final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup was played between Germany and South Korea. Germany won the match. Germany 1 - 0 South Korea The second semi-final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup was played between Brazil and Turkey. Brazil won the match. Brazil 1 - 0 Turkey.

What continent are Norway Cameroon South Korea France and Brazil on?

Brazil - South America Norway - Europe Cameroon - Africa South Korea - Asia France - Europe

Who won the match Korea republic vs nigeria?

South Korea

Is Brazil the biggest city in the world?

no..Seoul, South Korea is. Brazil is a country not a city.

Which country had won 2002 FIFA World Cup?

The 2002 World Cup was held in South Korea and Japan. Brazil beat Germany 2-0 to win the world cup for the 5th time. In the third place match, Turkey beat South Korea 3-2, to get the bronze medal.In short, 1st place- Brazil 2nd place- Germany 3rd place- Turkey 4th place- South Korea

On which continents are Brazil Norway Cameroon South Korea and France?

it's on Asia and south America

Which countries took part in yog 2010?

Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Uruguay, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, North korea, South Korea, japan, Algeria,Serbia, England, Argentina,South Africa, Honduras, Denmark were some of the 32 countries taking part in the 2010 world cup.