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Chennai Super Kings

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Q: Who won the Indian Premier League most times?
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Who has won the Indian Premier Hockey League most times?


Which premier league team has the most points since the premier league began?

I'm 99% sure that it is Manchester United, as they have won the Premier League the most times

Who has won the FA premier league the most times?

Man Utd have won the Premier League 11 times. They have won 18 (including premier league)English League and Cups Altogether.

How many times have chelsea won the FA premier league?

Chelsea has won the FA Cup seven times. It has also won the premier league four times. The premier league is the most competitive league in England.

Who has won the most Indian premier league titles?

Chennai super kings

Which player has won the premier league most times?

Ryan giggs

Which soccer club has been promoted to the premier league the most times?

Both Sunderland and West Bromich Albion have been promoted to the Premier League four times.

Best team in the premier league?

it is a bit obvious, they have won the most premier league titles, 19 times - MANCHESTER UNITED <3

What team has won the premier league the most amount of times?

Manchester United have won the English premier league 19 times officially (this is including when it was called "division 1".

Team promoted to premier league most times?

Its ipswich getting promoted 32 times

Which player has been substituted the most times in premier league history?


What premier league team has won the most league titles?

Man Utd have won the Premier League 11 times but are joint with Liverpool on top division wins with 18.

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