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Manchester United 2010/2011


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Q: Who won the Barclays Premiership last year?
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Did the Melbourne renegades win a premiership?

Well It depends not last year but they have won a miner premiership

What years have arsenal won premiership?

Arsenal have won the Barclaycard Premiership in the 1997/98, 2001/02, and 2003/04 seasons, and are yet to win the Barclays Premier League

What rugby team won the Guinness Premiership last year?

Leicester Tigers defeated London Irish to take the Guinness Premiership

Who won the premiership in 1997?

Manchester United won the premiership in the year of 1997. During this premiership, they had went against Liverpool and Newcastle.

What year did barclay English premier league started?

The Premier League as it stands today was formed in 1992 by break away clubs who wished to get more money from TV revenue teams were reduced from 24 to 20 teams and the first team to win the premiership was Manchester Utd. Before the premiership there were 24 teams in what was League One. Barclays began sponsoring it through BarclayCard in 2001 and as Barclays from 2004, with 2015-2016 being the last season of their sponsorship.

What year did essidon last won a premiership and who was the captin?

If you mean Essendon, the Australian team, it was in 2000 and the captain was James Hird

Who won the last premier league in 09?

Manchester United won the Premiership in 2009.

Which NRL team won last year?

Brisbane broncos defeated Melbourne storm in the 2006 telstra premiership grand final

Which player won the most tackles in the premiership last season?


How many points did Manchester united win the premiership with last year?

Man United won 28 matches and 5 matches were resulted in draw.

How many afl coaches have won a premiership in their first year?

13 ... the last coach to do this was Chris Scott with Geelong football club in 2011

How many times have Chelsea won the premiership title?

Chelsea have won the E.P.L four times one in 1950, two under Mourinho and last year with Mario Anchelotti..