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Alex Rodriguez who then played for the Texas Rangers.

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Q: Who won the A.L. MVP in 2003 for baseball?
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Who was the New York player that won the MVP in baseball in 1947?

Joe DiMaggio won the AL MVP Award in 1947.

What two major league baseball players won the mvp at 2 different positions?

1) Stan Musial, Cardinals - won the NL MVP as an outfielder in 1943 and 1948 and as a first baseman in 1946. 2) Hank Greenberg, Tigers - won the AL MVP as a first baseman in 1935 and as an outfielder in 1940. 3) Alex Rodriguez, Rangers and Yankees - won the AL MVP with the Rangers as a shortstop in 2003 and with the Yankees as a third baseman in 2005 and 2007. 4) Robin Yount, Brewers - won the AL MVP as a shortstop in 1982 and as an outfielder in 1989.

Who is the only baseball player to win MVP awards in both American and National Leagues?

Frank Robinson won the NL MVP in 1961 when he played for Cincnnati and won the AL MVP in 1966 when he was with Baltimore.

Who won the AL MVP Award in 2007?


Who won 1963 al mvp?

mickey mant

Who won the 2005 AL MVP?

alex rodriguez

Who won the MLB AL MVP for 2008?

2008 AL MVPThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin Pedroia

What were Ivan Rodriguez greatest achievements?

Ivan Rodriguez has several career achievements worth noting. He was a major league catcher for several major league baseball teams. In 1999 he received the AL MVP award. In 2003 NLCP MVP award. His team won the World Series in 2003.

Who won the 1980 al mvp?

George Brett 1980 AL MVPThe 1980 American League MVP was George Brett

How many awards does Mariano Rivera have?

Mariano Rivera won the 1999 Babe Ruth Award, the 1999 World Series MVP Award, 2003 AL ALCS MVP Award, and won the AL Rolaids Relief Award in 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2009.

Who was AL mvp in 1975?

Fred Lynn won the 1975 American League MVP Award.

Has anyone ever won a nl and an al mvp?


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