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Tipperary. They beat Kilkenny. The final score was:

Tipperary 4 - 17 (29)

Kilkenny 1 - 18 (21)

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2010-09-06 20:13:17
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Q: Who won the 2010 all Ireland hurling final?
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How many people attended the 2010 All Ireland Hurling Final in Croke Park?

The 2010 All-Ireland Hurling Final will not take place until the 5th of September. After that, I will answer your question. The attendance for the 2009 final was 82,106 and the attendance for the 2010 final can be expected to be around the same.

Who did Tipperary beat in the 2010 All Ireland semi-final?

They beat Waterford in the 2010 All-Ireland Hurling semi-final.

When did Tipperary last beat Kilkenny in the All-Ireland hurling final?


How many times has Down won the All Ireland Hurling final?

Down has never won the All-Ireland Hurling final.

How many times did Down win the All-Ireland Hurling Final?

Down have never won the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

Who won the all Ireland Hurling Final In 1996?

Wexford beat Limerick in the 1996 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

Who won the 2010 all Ireland Hurling and Football Finals and what was the score?

The 2010 All-Ireland Senior Hurling final: Tipperary 4 - 17 (29) Kilkenny 1 - 18 (21) The 2010 All-Ireland Senior Football Final: Cork 0 - 16 Down 0 - 15

Who won the all Ireland in hurling in 1968?

Wexford won the 1968 All-Ireland Hurling final.

What was the venue of the 2012 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Final?

The 2012 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Final was in Croke Park, as was the replay of the final that was required.

How many people attended last years all-ireland hurling final?

81,214 attended the 2011 All-Ireland Hurling Final.

What was the Date of all Ireland hurling final 2006?

The All-Ireland senior Hurling Final in 2006 was played on Sunday, September 3rd.

Who did Waterford play in the All Ireland Hurling final in 1959?

Waterford played Kilkenny in the 1959 All-Ireland Hurling final, beating them in a replay.

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