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seeing as the season hasn't been played yet no-one has won the award. But if you mean the 2008 season it was Peyton Manning

Also ironically the 2009 Mvp is Peyton Manning though he was also the 2008 mvp

by, Zach

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Q: Who won the 2009 NFL mvp?
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How many MVP has Peyton Manning won?

Peyton Manning has won four NFL MVP awards, in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009.

Who won the most mvp of the nfl?

Peyton Manning 4 MVP's

Who won NFL mvp?

drew breese

Who won mvp NFL?

drew breese

What year did Santana moss win NFL MVP?

Santana Moss has never won NFL MVP.

Who won the 2009 World Series MVP award?

Hediki Matsui won the 2009 World Series MVP

Who won the 2005 NFL MVP?

Shaun Alexander won in 2005.

Who won the 2004 NFL MVP?

Peyton Manning won in 2004.

Who won the 1990 NFL MVP?

thurman thomas

Who won the 2000 mvp award for the nfl?


Who won 2011 NFL MVP?

Aaron Rodgers

Who has won the most NFL MVP awards?

Peyton Manning, with 4 MVP awards.

Who was named the MVP of the 2009 World Series?

Hideki Matsui won the 2009 WS MVP

How many players have won both the NFL MVP and the super bowl mvp in the same season?

Don't know But the only players who have won both "MULTIPLE" NFL MVP's and SUPER BOWL MVP's are Joe Montana and Tom Brady

What year did Tom Brady become NFL MVP?

Tom Brady won his first and only NFL MVP to date in 2007.

Who was the MVP in the 2007-2008 NFL Season?

Eli Maning won the 2007-2008 MVP

Who won the most NFL mvp awards?

Peyton Manning

Who won the 1996 NFL MVP award?

Brett Farve

How many NFL MVP awards has Tom Brady won?

tom brady won 9 nfl titles

Who won MVP in baseball in 2009?

2009 MLB MVPsThe 2009 American League MVP was Joe MauerThe 2009 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

Who won the Heisman and was MVP of the NFL?

I believe there have been four winners since the NFL-AFL merger. Barry Sanders was the last to win both. He won the Heisman in 1988 and shared the NFL MVP with Brett Favre in 1997. Marcus Allen won the Heisman in 1981 and the MVP in 1985. Earl Campbell won the Heisman in 1977 and the MVP in 1979. Finally, OJ Simpson won the Heisman in 1967 and the NFL MVP in 1973. Don't forget Paul Hornung -- the first to do it.

Who has won 3 consecutive NFL MVP awards?

Bret Farve has won three (3) consecutive Associated Press NFL MVP awards from 1995 to 1997. Earl Campbell has won three (3) consecutive Newspaper Enterprise Associates NFL MVP awards from 1978 to 1980.

Who was the Yankees MVP of the 2009 World Series?

Hideki Matsui won the 2009 World Series MVP

Which NFL player have won Heisman Trophy and NFL MVP and super bowl mvp?

Cameron Hattomn rocks rocks rocks rocks

Who was the last player to win the Heisman Trophy and the NFL MVP award?

Barry Sanders ... won the Heisman in 1988 and the NFL MVP in 1997.