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Q: Who won the 2000 mvp award for the nfl?
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Has Derek Jeter ever won an MVP?

Derek Jeter won the 2000 World Series MVP award, but has never won a season MVP nor ALCS MVP award. He has also won the 2000 All-Star Game MVP award.

What player won mvp award and super bowl mvp award in the same year nfl?

Emmitt Smith

Who won the 1996 NFL MVP award?

Brett Farve

How Many times has Peyton Manning won the MVP Award?

As of January 9, 2010, he has won the NFL MVP award 4 times.

Who was the last player to win the Heisman Trophy and the NFL MVP award?

Barry Sanders ... won the Heisman in 1988 and the NFL MVP in 1997.

What years did Brett Favre win the MVP award?

Favre won the NFL MVP award in 1995, 1996, and 1997. In 1997, he tied with Barry Sanders for the award.

The best player in 1994 of NFL?

The 1994 NFL MVP was won by Steve Young (his second award)

What player has the most MVP in the NFL?

There are several entities that award an MVP to an NFL player. Currently, the Associated Press, Pro Football Writers of America, and Maxwell Football Club give out an NFL MVP award. As of the 2007 season, no player has won an MVP award more than three times. Those that have won an MVP award three times are: Brett Favre, Jim Brown, John Unitas, Randall Cunningham, and Otto Graham. *Peyton Manning has won 4 MVP awards as of 2010

Who won 1999-2000 NBA MVP Award?

Shaquille Oneal

How many Pittsburgh Steelers have won the NFL MVP award?

Terry Bradshaw (1978)

Was Derek Jeter an MVP?

Derek Jeter MVP AwardsDerek Jeter never won the American League MVP Award. He did win the 1996 All Star game MVP Award, and the 2000 ML World Series MVP Award.

What year did Derek Jeter win the all-star MVP Award?

Derek Jeter won the 2000 All Star Game MVP Award.

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