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Trevor Immelman at 8 under par.

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Q: Who won the 2008 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club and what score?
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What is the lowest score at Augusta National?

Lowest round 63, shared by Nick Price and Greg Norman. 270 (-18) is the tournament record, held by Tiger Woods.

What score did tom kite get in 1997 masters?

In 1997, at the Masters Tournament, Tom Kite got the score of -6

What is par at the masters golf tournament score?

4 rounds of 72, 288.

What is the lowest total score ever for the four day Masters tournament?

The lowest total score ever for 72 holes in the Masters Tournament was Tiger Woods' score of 270 in 1997.Tiger Woods=270

In professional golf what does a 71 or 72 mean when it is beside the score that is supposingly -6?

That is the score for that round. 71 round Augusta National is 1 under, so if a player was -6 (six under for the tournament) with a 71 (1 under) in round 2 it means they started the day on 5 under.

Who was First winner of the masters golf tourney?

Gene Sarazen

Why was Tiger Woods wining the Masters Golf Tournament in 1997 unique?

It was so unique as it broke so many records. He shot 40 (+4) on his first nine holes, and shot 30 on the back nine for a -2 total. By Friday afternoon he was in the lead. He went on to win with a record under par score -18, and win by the biggest margin at Augusta 12 shots. He was also the first non- white person to win at Augusta. He was also the youngest ever winner, at 21 years 104 days old.

In a recent golf tournament Lucy's score in relation to par were as follow -4 3-1 2-5 -3 what was his score for the tournament?

Your question makes no sense. And Lucy would probably not care about her score because she changed sex during the tournament.

How many PGA players did not sign their card after a tournament?

This very, very, very, very rarely happens, if not at all. The one I remember was Billy Casper a couple of years ago in The Masters, shot over 100 and didn't hand his card in, it would have been the worst score in Masters history.

What is a par score at the master?

72 or 288 for the whole tournament

How many goals did the team France score at the 1998 tournament?


Lowest winning score in the masters?

Charles Kunkle shot a 95 in the final round of the 1956 Masters, this remains the highest ever round at The Masters. Interestingly, in the first round of the 2005 Masters Billy Casper shot 106 (34 over par) which included a 14 on the 16th, he never handed in his card therefore he was disqualified from the tournament. And the round is therefore unofficial.