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vasco da gama

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Q: Who won the 1998 national champion in college football?
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What team won the national college of football championship 1998?

Tennesse Volunteers

Who was the 1998 BCS ncaa football champion?


What football teams went undefeated in college football in 1998?

The only football team which was undefeated in college football in the year of 1998 was the University of Tennessee.

When did Tennessee win a football national championship?


When was National College of Computer Studies created?

National College of Computer Studies was created in 1998.

Who was the quarterback at the university of Tennessee when they won the national championship?

Tee Martin was the quarterback for the 1998 national champion Volunteers.

Who has the best college football team?

1998 Tennessee Vols

What year did the BCS poll enter college football?


When was Associated Press College Football Player of the Year created?

Associated Press College Football Player of the Year was created in 1998.

What is BCS in college football?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series, which was a form of playoff among college football teams between 1998 and 2013, to decide a "National Champion" for the year. It was replaced in 2014 by the College Football Playoff system (CFP). The BCS and CFP were created because NCAA football does not have a national championship tournament as do other college sports (e.g. baseball, basketball). Prior to the BCS, the football "champions" for a year were decided by voting or polls by various organizations. 2) BCS is used in some colleges to represent a baccalaureate degree - "Bachelor of Computer Science." 3) Texas A&M University uses the acronym BCS to refer to the region around the school, centered in two cities (Bryan-College Station).

Best college football team ever?

1998 Tennessee Vols

Best College football team since 1959?

1998 Tennessee

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