Who won orange bowl 1999?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The Florida Gators defeated the Syracuse Orange 31-10 in the 1999 Orange Bowl.

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Q: Who won orange bowl 1999?
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What is the only Florida college that is undefeated in the Orange Bowl?

The University of Florida has won all three of their Orange Bowl games (2002, 1999, 1967).

Who won the 1956 orange bowl?

Oklahoma won the Orange bowl in 1956.

What colleges have won Fiesta Bowl sugar bowl and orange bowl?

Oklahoma State University won the Fiesta, Michigan won the Sugar Bowl and West Virginia Won the Orange Bowl last night..

Who won the 2012 Orange Bowl?

West Virginia won the 2012 Orange Bowl, beating Clemson 70 to 33.

When was Tom Brady on the active roster for a college bowl game?

In the 1999 Orange Bowl, the 1998 Florida Citrus Bowl, the 1997 Rose Bowl (won National Championship in this year), and the 1996 Outback Bowl

Who won the 1961 Orange Bowl?


Who won the Orange Bowl in 1971?


Who is the winner in 1999 orange bowl?


Who won the Orange Bowl in 1940?

Georgia Tech

Who won the Orange Bowl in 1939?

Georgia Tech

Did Tom Brady go to the Rose Bowl?

tom won the citrus bowl for Michigan against Arkansas in his first starting season in 1998. in his senior year he lead Michigan to an overtime win in the orange bowl versus Alabama in 99.

Who won the 1987 Orange Bowl?

The Oklahoma Sooners beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 42-8 in the 1987 Orange Bowl