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Q: Who won nba basketball championship in 1998?
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Who won the 2015 basketball championship?

Golden State won the NBA Championship

Who won basketball nba championship 2010?

the Miami heat won

Who won the NBA championship in 1998?

Chicago Bulls defeated Utah Jazz 4-2 to win the 1998 NBA Championship.

Who won the 1998 NCAA basketball championship?


What basketball team won the Nba Championship in 1994?

Houston Rockets

Who won the basketball championship in 1987?

the LA Lakers won the NBA Championship by beating the Boston Celtics 4-2.

Who won the NCAA in 1998?

The Kentucky Wildcats won their seventh NCAA Basketball Championship in 1998.

What basketball team won NBA championship in 1999?

The San Antonio Spurs.

What basketball players have won an NBA championship and NCAA national championship?

ha gotcha i dont know

When did the Chicago Bulls win their last championship?

The Chicago Bulls NBA basketball team won their last championship in 1998. They actually won the championship six time in the 1990s. Full statistics of the games can be found on the Chicago Bulls website.

When is the last time Kentucky won a national championship in basketball?


Did Miami Heat win the basketball final last year?

No, the Heat won the NBA championship in the 2005-06 season. San Antonio won the NBA championship last season.

When was the last time the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship?


Has any NC State basketball player ever won an NBA championship?

I know chuck nevitt and chucky brown have won nba championships

Who won the NBA championship in 1983?

The Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA Championship in 1983.

Have the Phoenix Suns ever won an NBA Championship?

No, they have never won an NBA Championship

Who won the basketball championship in 1970?

New York Knicks won the NBA Title in 1970 UCLA won the NCAA Title

Has Utah ever won a NBA championship?

The Utah Jazz have been to the NBA Finals on a couple of occasions (1997 and 1998), but lost to the Chicago Bulls both times. As such, Utah has never won an NBA Championship.

NBA team that won the championship away from their home-court?

1998 Chicago Bulls

Who are the only basketball players who have won a high school state championship the ncaa championship the nba championship and a olympic gold medal?

earvin Johnson

What NBA basketball team has won the NBA championship the most times?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 times. LA Lakers are in second with 16 wins.

Who won the 2010 NBA Championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship.

What team won the NBA Championship in 1998?

The Chicago bulls with Michael Jordan and team won the NBA championships in 1998. Jordan secured the teams sixth championship with a jumper in a 4-2 series against the Utah Jazz.

Have the Toronto Raptors won a NBA championship?

No, they have not won an NBA Championship.

Who won the NBA's MVP award during the 1997-1998 basketball season?

The Chicago Bulls won