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Real Madrid have won more trophies.

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Real Madrid

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Q: Who won more trophies Barcelona or real Madrid in 2008 and 2009?
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What were the football match results between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the last five years back?

29th November 2010: Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 10th April 2010: Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 29th November 2009: Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid 2nd May 2009 Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 13th December 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 7th May 2008: Barcelona 1-4 Real Madrid 23rd December 2007: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid 10th March 2007: Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 22nd October 2006 Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid The next game is on the 17th April 2011.

Which football club won the 2008 spanish league?

a spanish team did not win the champions league in 2008 u retard Barcelona did in 2009 earlier in the year

How many trophies have bacelona won altogether?

Three in 2009 Season... The Spanish League, The Copa Del Rey, and the Champions League

Will svr2009 the game have trophies on ps3?

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw for 2008 and 2009 did not have trophies 2010 and 2011 versions of the game do have trophies as does WWE 12

What day did Real Madrid play Barcelona March?

13 December 2008 2 May 2009 29 November 2009 10 April 2010 29 November 2010 The next match will be on 17 April 2010.

Who is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is nothing with out Cristiano Ronaldo, angel DI maria, misut osil, Karim benzema, and xabi alonzo and barca has a line of youth stars waiting play there for barca is 1,000,000 times better then real Madrid. We have proof of this in there match in 2009 Barca won 6 to 2 but real Madrid is a good team.When trying to decide who is the best team between Real Madrid or Barcelona it is clear that Real Madrid has won more major competitions than Barcelona.

When did ronaldo leave real Madrid?

It was in June 2008.

How many titles did Barcelona win during the 2008-2009?


How many Copeland trophies has Dane Swan won?

Dane Swan won two Copeland Trophies. He won the 2008 and 2009 Copeland Trophy.

Which La Liga teams are based in Madrid?

The two main football teams in Spain are F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid. Real Madrid are the most successful club in Spain with a total of 70 trophies, including 31 Ligas and 9 European Cups - the club was voted the best club of the 20th century by FIFA during the millennium celebrations. With 163,000 members, FC Barcelona is the most popular club in the world and their trophy haul is also impressive - 56 trophies including 19 Ligas and 2 European Cups. (I have included the 2008-09 Liga title in this statistic but not the 2009 Champions League or Copa del Rey titles, as they are yet to be played.) The two clubs are so important because they represent two different views of Spain. Madrid represent the capital, centralism and have often been supported by the Spanish government, whilst FC Barcelona are the flagship of Catalonia and its more democratic, federal view of the Spanish state. This simplification is elaborated on in the three articles I have added as links. More facts about Spain: Nickname:La Roja [the red one] Assocation:Royal Spanish Football Federation Head Coach:Vicente del Bosque Captain:Iker Casillas Most Caps:Andoni Zubizarreta Top Scorer:David Villa Home Staduim:Various Fifa Code:ESP Fifa Ranking:1 Highest Fifa Ranking:1 [July 2008 - June 2009 October 2009-March 2010,July 2010 World cup Appearances:13 [first in 1934] Best result:2010 Winners European Championship Appearances:8[First in 1964] Best Result:Winners [1964 and 2008] Confederations Appearances:1 [First in 2009] Best Result:3rd place,2009

How many titles did Barcelona win during the 2008-2009 season?


What trophies did Manchester United win when they had Ronaldo?

Manchester United won 9 trophies while Ronaldo was playing for the team (2003-2009) : 2004 - FA Cup 2006 - League Cup 2007 - Premier League 2007 - Community Shield 2008 - Premier League 2008 - Champions League 2008 - Community Shield 2009 - Premier League 2009 - League Cup