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Q: Who won more bowl games Florida or Miami?
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How has won more football games against each other Florida gators or the Miami hurricanes?


Who has more bowl appearances Arkansas or Florida State?

Through the 2008 season, Florida State has played in 37 bowl games (record 21-14-2) and Arkansas has played in 36 bowl games (record 11-22-3).

Does Orlando Florida have more jobs than Miami Florida?

yes it does

How far is barbados from Florida?

Miami, Florida is approximately 1,598 miles away from Barbados. Miami is at the southernmost tip of Florida, and thus mileage from more northern points of Florida would increase in distance.

What state south of Miami Florida?

Hawaii. Although Hawaii is nearly due west of Florida, it lies at a more southern latitude than Miami.

Who are the University of Miami's sports rivals?

In football, Florida State is Miami's biggest rival. Notre Dame, Florida and more recently, Ohio State, are others.

What are some sports teams from Florida?

College Teams: Florida State Seminoles, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators, Bulls (southern florida) Profesional Teams: Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Lightning There are more but there are some for you.

As of the 2006 football season Florida has more wins in this bowl game than in any other?

Gator Bowl

When was Carmen More born?

Carmen More was born on August 25, 1958, in Miami, Florida, USA.

How many games does Miami need to win to be nba champs?

2 more games

Which University has been to more bowl games?


How many times has Iowa been in the Rose Bowl?

The Florida Gators have been more...Florida Basket Ball! Fantastic!

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